UNICOM Standards

Meeting ISO, IEC, TIA/EIA and UL standards, our components and total solutions are suitable for specialized applications in ICT technologies.

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UNICOM Training Center

The pace of innovation in computer and network science has become very significant in the recent century so that new technologies rise every day with the new day light. The more the technology improves, the faster methods of data transmission are required. Subsequently, the increase in the speed of data transmission demands more expertise for network designing and installation. To reach the goal of developing fastest and most efficient networks all around the world, UNICOM has generated some specialized courses like UCND (UNICOM Certified Network Designer), UCCI (UNICOM Certified Cable Installer), structured cabling and etc and certifies experts passing the courses to design and install cabling infrastructures with UNICOM products.


UNICOM Warranty

(QC)2 is the main after sales services policy of UNICOM Company. We offer Quality Controlled for Quarter of a Century life (QC)2 so that the networks designed and installed by UCND & UCCI experts can be fully supported by UNICOM. We try to make customer support as our competitive advantage.




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