Universal data communications (UNICOM) was conceived in 1995 with a view to meeting the demand in the end-to-end solution for passive network products. Manufacturing started with the production of surface mount box and the assembly of keystone and IDC jacks. From these relatively humble beginnings the company has been on an ascending curve ever since. The progress was self-stimulating as the demand rose, production was raised and expansion followed. The business grew and demand for various other items kept coming up. So the products range were extended to end-to-end solutions over a period of years. In 2001 corporate identity was established and Unicom became the registered name of the company. The domestic market sales leveled off in 2002 and Unicom had to seek fresh markets to sustain the continuing growth. The Export Division was formed and the growth continues. Universal data communications Company is a leading global supplier of components and systems for electrical and optical network connectivity. Our customers in information and communication technology (ICT) appreciate that we are specialists with detailed knowledge of practical infrastructure cabling. Providing a unique basis for continual innovation focused on the needs of our customers all over the world, we offer technical expertise in copper cables, fiber optics and complementary accessories of end to end solutions under one roof. By growing Data Centers all around the world, changing the aspect is a must for UNICOM. In 2013, the R&D announced the Category 7A & Fiber Optic MPO solutions. These new Data Center solutions started just after a year to complete product range. In late 2016, UNICOM redesigned the product range to be suitable for data center solutions. As RLU is expensive in Data centers, The High Density half-U Patch panels could save the space in each Racks, also the new Modular Patch panel gives you a flexible solution to mix fiber & copper in one panel. Finally, the intelligent Patch panel provides a hassle-free passive supervising in high density Data Centers. Now UNICOM focused to offer a complete solution for outdoor & industrial areas to fulfill all market demands.