intelligent-patch-panelUNICOM’s Intelligent Patch Panel is an ideal solution to manage the network infrastructure. The panel features onboard intelligence to guide technicians and can be used to display connectivity diagnostic information. The network troubleshooting is now easier by Multiple color LEDs, also the real time alert can drastically reduce downtime and increase productivity. The UNICOM Intelligent patch panels enable the IT staff to set up information for cabling, such as the planning of telecommunication spaces and rack systems, and the management of cabling equipment, work area and channel. Installer will save more time to install and replace panels and modules. The revolutionary replaceable LED & MCU modules allow the technicians to replace modules without unloading other structured cabling components. The simplicity of the system design enables users to save costs in training, cabling management and maintenance. UNICOM’s Intelligent Patch Panel accepts either both copper and fiber cassette/Modular Jacks. The cassettes are available for both LC & SC fibers. When changes to network equipment occur, the design can be modified or upgraded simply by swapping out or adding cassettes to suit the user’s needs.


• Meets ANSI/TIA/EIA-606-A, Class 4
• Intelligent control on passive communications
• Easy structured cabling planning, cross-connection guide
• Monitoring the Panel system connection
• Real time alert for any unauthorized activity
• Multiple color of LED indicator
• Automatic create work area database from AutoCAD file
• Each Master Control Unit (MCU) can control up to 19 Distribution Control Units (DCU)
• Hot Plug MCU & LED Modules
• Webpage supervised & remote control the system via internet
• The software could be customized
• Supports both Copper and Fiber applications
• Snap-in modules can be easily fitted into the patch panel
• LC & SC MPO could be installed on the same panel
• Slot number identification
• Unused slots can be covered with blank